• Have you ever been on an online team that got lost, distracted, or otherwise failed to succeed? What you were missing may have been a playbook for these situations.

  • The Innovator’s Digital Playbook is meant to be read, discussed, and used by modern teams. It provides a sequence of ideas and questions designed to walk through some of the most critical concepts involved in online work—building trust, assigning roles, and integrating synchronous meetings with asynchronous workflow schemes.


IDP v1.0 published November 5, 2021.

  • Inside, you’ll also learn about the Innovator’s Catechism and how it can be used throughout the course of your project. The Innovator’s Catechism is a fully customizable, interactive way for your team to document the process and progress of collaboration—freeing up your bandwidth for the work itself and preventing the headaches of misalignment and deadline surprises.

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